Reconciling your transactions

In a multi-PSP setup, reconciling transactions is not always easy as they have been processed with multiple providers. To help you scale your payment infrastructure, ProcessOut can help you connect to your many providers and centralize all your incoming reconciliations in one place under a generic but precise format.

We will fetch reports from your PSPs about money transfers whenever possible to make the task easier.

Connect your provider's reconciliation system

We suggest contacting our team to connect incoming reconciliation data, as most providers do not support automatic onboarding. Often, providers use an SFTP system to pull CSV files to which we connect.
We'll be able to help you along the way to set up your connections.

Listen to ProcessOut data

Each time we detect a new incoming reconciliation, we will process it and inform you via webhook that a new report is ready.
Using our payout API, you can paginate and link all your transactions in a single format.

Note that we're compatible with sending unified reconciliation CSV files automatically.
Reach out to your account manager to know more!

What’s Next