Getting Started with ProcessOut

This page will help you get started with ProcessOut. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Welcome to the ProcessOut documentation! Use the sidebar to the left to browse our user guide and get started with our products.


The rate of innovation in digital payments is accelerating, and divergence between different geographies is increasing. This is creating an ever more complex landscape for online merchants to navigate, and the cost of being behind the curve is high.

The ProcessOut payment platform works as a technical layer that simplifies and standardizes merchants connections to different payment providers and payment flows. ProcessOut provides the flexibility to easily expand your payment stack and harness different payment innovations. ProcessOut is made to deliver performance by offering your customers the best payment experience, whatever the context.

The ProcessOut platform covers 5 main pillars:

  • Standalone PCI DSS level 1 vault: Storing card details in a central vault, rather than with your Payment Service Provider (PSP), provides you with the control to decide where transactions are processed.
  • One-click payment integrations: Choose from over 100 existing PSPs and APMs to integrate. Simply configure your payment credentials through the ProcessOut dashboard, and let our APIs do the heavy lifting to normalize the payment request for all payment providers.
  • Customizable transaction routing: Define the path a transaction takes based on a wide range of transaction characteristics; including defining fraud prevention rules, your 3DS strategy, which PSP to route to, and instant fallback retry paths.
  • Standardized payment performance analysis: By consolidating the reporting of payment statuses and outcomes for all your payment providers, our payment Analytics tool allows you to make direct performance comparisons between different payment providers for different transaction profiles.
  • ML routing and performance alerting: Our ML smart router algorithm calculates the probability of a given gateway authorizing/authenticating a given transaction profile based on the observed outcomes of historical transactions. The smart router algorithm then takes the decision to route a transaction to a particular gateway according to the highest probability of success. The smart router algorithm can also define instant fallback retry strategies. The smart router algorithm simultaneously interrogates performance patterns across thousands of transaction profiles to identify anomalies and triggers automated alerts where significant performance degradation is found.

Requesting a ProcessOut account

Please contact an account manager at [email protected] to get an account. We'll get you sorted in a minute!

Onboarding: First steps

If you have previously stored customers’ card numbers with a PSP then you can arrange for us to transfer those numbers directly into the ProcessOut vault. See the page about migrating to ProcessOut for more information.

To connect your existing payment provider through ProcessOut, all you will need to do is configure your payment provider API keys from the Connections page on the ProcessOut dashboard.

Once you are set up, you will need to integrate ProcessOut into your checkout page using our SDKs or APIs. You can browse our documentation using the sidebar to the left. See the section about accepting card payments to learn how to connect the ProcessOut platform to your checkout. See the section about alternative payment methods if you are interested in using providers such as PayPal, Klarna.

Client and server SDKs

Client SDKs

Please see our ProcessOut.js documentation for the web, and our iOS and Android versions for mobile apps.

Server SDKs

You can call our server-side REST API directly using a tool such as curl but we also provide SDKs for 5 programming languages. We provide code samples in all languages throughout our documentation.