Issuing a refund

You may need to issue a refund if a customer returns a purchased item. We also recommend that you refund any payments that you believe to be fraudulent. This is because Payment Service Providers (PSPs) will normally handle a refund for free. Still, they may charge a penalty fee if the cardholder successfully obtains a chargeback.

To issue a refund for a transaction, go to Dashboard › Transactions and find the transaction in the list (you may find it helpful to use the search box or the Filter Page Data button at the top of the page to do this). When you click on the list item, you will see a page with extensive details about the transaction. Once you are sure you have the correct transaction, click the Refund button in the top right corner of the page to open the refund dialog box. Choose the amount you want to refund, or refund in full, then click the Refund button to activate.

Issuing refunds using the API

You can also refund a payment partially or fully using the Smart Router API. See the refund section of the API reference to learn how to do this.