Managing project collaborators

Managing project collaborators

If you are the owner of a project then you can add new collaborators from the dashboard.
Go to Dashboard › Settings › Team and click the Add collaborator button at the bottom of the Team settings section. A new, blank item will appear in the list of collaborators. Enter the email address of the person you want to add and click the Save collaborators button. After you save, ProcessOut will send an email to this address with an access link and onboarding instructions for the new collaborator.

Setting permissions for collaborators

You can make a collaborator an owner of a project (which will grant them full access to everything) or you can use permission groups to control their access.

The lower section of the Dashboard › Settings › Team page shows you all existing permission groups that you can use. To create a new permission group, click the Add new group button,
which you can find at the bottom of the panel.

You can control access to the following Dashboard areas for members
of a permission group:

  • Customers permission grants access to all data in Customers objects, including personal details, Card information and Transactions processed;
  • Developer tools permission grants access to the Smart Router API keys, as well as other programming tools such as Events;
  • Finance reports permission grants access to Payouts, Uploads and Exports;
  • Monitoring permission grants access to Telescope and the Analytics tools;
  • Payment settings permission grants access to the Payment Service Providers and routing rules you have configured;
  • Transactions permission grants access to Transactions processed by Smart Router along with information such as the Cards or Customers that requested the transaction.

You can configure each permission setting with either Read or Write access. Read access lets collaborators view details, while Write access also lets them create or edit data objects.