It is important for you to be able to match transfers on your bank account statements with the transactions they include. This can be difficult because the actual money movement may happen a few days after you capture an invoice. Also, if you use several Payment Service Providers (PSPs) with Smart Router then it may not always be clear which PSP handled which transaction from the bank statement alone.

ProcessOut will fetch reports from your PSPs about money transfers whenever possible to make the task easier. We then match each transfer with its corresponding transactions and create a Payout object with all the details. (Note that a payout in this sense can actually be a positive or a negative amount because refunds and chargebacks are reported in the same way as payments.)

The Payout object is designed to be a convenient abstraction of the different reporting methods that PSPs use. Contact your ProcessOut account manager if you need further details of how a particular PSP reports their payouts to us.

For any fields that refer to an amount of money (such as amount and fees), you should specify the amount in the major unit of the currency rather than the minor unit (so this would mean dollars rather than cents if the currency is USD, for example).

Note that because payouts involve genuine money transfers, they are not available when you are testing in sandbox.

Payout attributes

idstringString value that uniquely identifies the payout.
itemsobjectItems listed in the payout.
See PayoutItem attributes
statusstringStatus of the payout. Can be pending, in-flight, received, canceled or failed.
amountstringAmount of the payout that was wired to your bank.
currencystringCurrency of the payout.
bank_namestringName of the bank to which the payout was issued, if available.
bank_summarystringBank summary of the payout, if available.
sales_transactionsintegerNumber of transactions involved in this payout.
sales_volumestringSum of the values of all transactions involved in this payout.
refunds_transactionsintegerNumber of refunds involved in this payout.
refunds_volumestringSum of the values of all refunds involved in this payout.
chargebacks_transactionsintegerNumber of chargebacks involved in this payout.
chargebacks_volumestringSum of the values of all chargebacks involved in this payout.
metadataobjectMetadata related to the payout, in the form of key-value pairs (string - string).
feesstringFees taken by the PSP.
adjustmentsstringAdjustments applied by the PSP to the final payout amount.
reservestringReserve kept by the PSP for the payout.
settled_atdateDate and time when this payout was settled.
created_atdateDate and time when this payout was created.

PayoutItem attributes

transaction_id (Expandable)stringTransaction involved in this payout item. Can be null if the item is not linked to a particular transaction, or if it is a transaction that ProcessOut did not handle.
typestringType of the payout item. Can be sale, refund, chargeback, fee, adjustment, reserve.
gateway_resource_idstringID used by the PSP to reference this payout item.
amountstringAmount of the payout item (can be negative for a refund).
feesstringFees taken on this specific payout item.
metadataobjectContext related to the payout item, key-value pair (string - string)
created_atdateDate and time when this payout item was created.