Some payment providers allow customers to have a balance stored on a Token. An example of this is a gift card that has a starting balance set when it is purchased. The recipient can then spend the balance on one or more payments.

If the token is associated with payment providers that support APMs then you can use the server API to check the amount that that the customer has left on their balance.

Currently, the only balance method we support is vouchers. If the customer does not have any balance available then they can still pay with one of the usual payment methods (card or APM).

Note that you should specify the amount in the major unit of your currency rather than the minor unit (so this would mean dollars rather than cents if the currency is USD, for example).

You can fetch the Balances object for a token using the token’s id value. See the section about fetching resources for more information.

Balance object

List of fields

idstringString value that uniquely identifies the card.