Using the Dashboard

The Dashboard is a web application that lets you manage the features of your ProcessOut account. You can use it to configure features of Smart Router, view analytic reports and manage transactions, card details and other data objects.

You will receive login details for the Dashboard when you create your account with ProcessOut. Contact us to set up an account or request more information.

Dashboard layout

The main body of the page displays the content of the feature you are using. The search bar at the top of the page lets you find most types of data object used by ProcessOut. Click the search box to see a panel of instructions and syntax for the search.

The navigation bar down the left hand side of the page contains links to all the other features of the Dashboard along with the project menu, the sandbox mode switch and your account details.

Project menu

At the top of the navigation bar is the project menu. By default, this shows the name and currency unit of the current project. If you click the project name then you will see a menu that lets you select one of your other projects, or create a new project.

Account details

The last item in the navigation bar shows your username, which links to your account details page. Use this to change your personal details or your authentication settings.